18 for 2018

by Jeni Anderson in

One of my favorite authors and podcasters Gretchen Rubin recently suggested that instead of the typical New Year’s Resolutions, simply coming up with 18 things you’d like to accomplish in 2018. They can be small or large, easy or hard, just as long as they give you some direction as to where you’d like your year to take you.

This was a difficult exercise for me because I tend to make goals and then immediately find reasons why I won't achieve them, but in the spirit of positivity, I gave it a shot. Many of these should be easy to cross off the list, others will be a bit more difficult. I’m publishing these here to give myself some accountability.

  1. Write every day.
  2. Cook two new recipes a month.
  3. Read 40 books.
  4. Start reading a longer chapter book with the girls.
  5. Take my medicine on time every month.
  6. Try a boxing or MMA class.
  7. Plan a European vacation.
  8. Go to a writing group even if it makes me uncomfotable.
  9. Clean out my closet.
  10. Take my daughers to Red Rocks.
  11. Go paddle boarding.
  12. Remodel laundry room.
  13. Yell less.
  14. Make conversation with a stranger even when I am inclined to leave.
  15. Stop stacking and start filing.
  16. Learn two new braiding styles for the girls.
  17. Drink bone broth.
  18. Host a party.